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Every fourth is Berufsunfahig before entering the retirement age. Every fourth employee must give up already due to illness in advance his job. Who has not provided for such a case, stands empty-handed dar. A heart attack, high blood pressure, back pain, or mental problems. Even at a young age, a disability can be a massive disorder. For this reason, each professional should hedge with private disability insurance for such risks. When deciding on an occupational disability insurance, should be taken on the contents of the police.

Because the contract permits it, the insurer may refuse to performance, since the customer could exert a different occupation. Therefore, the absence of such a clause for customers is very important. On contracts which contain such a clause, nobody should get involved today. Good deals customers guarantee a pension if a doctor certifies the BU for at least six months. It turns out, that someone was already berufsunfahig, a payment is in good conditions. A good advice is essential for a good disability insurance. Request therefore your individual offer.

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