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Dictindustry, the dictionary of technique with subject-specific terminology provides translations by native-speaking engineers in the industry. The dictionary provides search capabilities to and from over 15 languages, the largest volume offers the German-English Dictionary, followed by the German French, German Spanish, German Italian languages. With over 60,000 terms, the online reference work includes not only technical terms, but also small technical text passages that frequently occur in technical documentation, such as warnings, description of security measures, General information about commissioning, maintenance and transport, technical data, error messages, etc. One of the main strengths of dictindustry is the translation of this frequently recurring phrases in several languages, another strong point is the presence of not commonly used technical special terms that one often misses in “Standard reference”. Users can estimate Opportunity to a pair of terms in addition at the same time display a third language. The technical dictionary of Techni-translate evolved continuously, innovation and timeliness are paramount. Techni-translate, operator of, translation agency focused first on the five languages English, Spanish, French and Italian, but also numerous translations exist in the remaining languages which will be expanded in the future. Many technical writers, engineers, professionals, technicians, and all that have to do with the creation of technical documentation, already use the dictionary for engineering Dictindustry.

Companies that use the services of technical translation agency Techni-translate claim, get also a free corporate terminology online with all relevant technical terms from the translated documentation in addition to the translation work assigned in the order. Press contact: Techni-translate technical translations Fr. Flormira Salas Marin Church Street 29 72667 Schlaitdorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 923158 0 fax: + 49 (0) 7127 923158 20 Techni-translate is a translation agency specialising in technical translations. It translates technical documentation of all kinds, E.g. More information is housed here: luscha baumwald. manuals, manuals, catalogs, bills of material, texts, press releases and newsletter as well as complete Web pages for companies in various language combinations. Technical translations are carried out exclusively by qualified native translators. Techni-translate also deals with innovative solutions in the field of terminology management. Fair and transparent pricing and huge Kostensparpotential with subsequent orders through the use of modern TM systems are Techni-translate translation agency. Professional advice, flexibility and fast response times make the difference at Techni-translate.


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