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Note that he has neglected, that management is a significant, decisive actor in the conduct of the company in the integration and management of working groups that guarantee productivity, they are, precisely, managers who should dictate guidelines, start-up plans, strategies and actions that will allow companies to operate efficiently. A good manager has to have the ability to create, manage and develop business and non-business organizations is what professional administration demanding the Venezuelan scenario? Must have solid knowledge in all matters relating to the administrative and managerial topics modern, in addition to the current trends of the modern world and link them with the labour market. Negotiating capacity, dominating business instruments, with capacity for synthesis and follow-up to the decisions taken. Attitudes of teamwork, leadership that fosters participation, creativity, knowledge, motivation by ensuring a good performance, which is reflected in productivity, favourable results in favour of the objectives, established goals. Strategist, visionary, who knows how to seize the opportunities, meet the challenges and generate changes, transformations that guarantee operability and success to the company. Dynamic participation study, definition, implementation and control of the various policies of Administration regarding the following basic functions: personnel marketing. Production. Provisioning.

Finance. Planning and Control. Participate in the development and evaluation of investment projects. Be skilful as a consultant and Adviser in the organizational processes of companies manage the company according to the globalisation of markets. Develop new business strategies adapted to the change. Professionalize the Venezuelan company and prepare to compete in the international and national context. Must feel and convince that regardless of the nature of the Organization to which he belongs or area that is put in charge, any work or decision that runs must apply values and attitudes that will ensure success within the organization. Profile htm, adds us on features, a good administrator must have the following values and attitudes: high self-esteem and responsibility.

Available for use and handling of equipment and technology motivation for the pursuit and achievement of goals. Integrity and honesty standards of conduct, principles and ethics in the practical professional independence, with an attitude critical constructive Humanistic social sensitivity work recognizing the importance of loyalty to the company teamwork ensure training for the development of leadership responsibility for achieving the common welfare. Conclusions the Venezuelan companies require a visionary administrator, with strong administrative skills, capable of interpreting the reality of the current scenarios, especially the national, be very risky, turbulent, full of uncertainties, but also presents opportunities. A proactive administrator, who has identified the scope, impact of risks, programs, actions, plans that the current national Government has put in place in order to establish socialism in the age where capitalism is dominant. You must give way to a new profile of the Venezuelan Administration degree, that this formed, trained with knowledge, and make use of the tools that bring about changes, achievements, especially in scenarios dynamic, subject constantly to changes, innovations, to turbulence, where alliances, agreements, treaties are decisive figures in the opening by conquering and reach new markets.

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