Paris Status

Dennis Hughey, United States, to approve WUSME World Union of small and medium enterprises in “special consultative status” at UN ECOSOC, the decision of the UN Committee has been ratified by the substantial session of UN ECOSOC 2013 on 26th July 2013 UN ECOSOC defined WUSME as to international NGO safeguarding the rights, interests and competitiveness of small businesses. WUSME is now the only global civil society organization representing SMEs and crafts at the United Nations and the first International Association in the history of the Republic of San Marino in consultative status with UNECOSOC. Current WUSME members belong to 26 countries of the world, which are: Austria, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, China, Colombia, Congo (DRC), Croatia, France, Gabon, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Romania, San Marino Republic, Somalia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom UK, United States, Uzbekistan “the achievement of consultative status at UN ECOSOC is a most important milestone on WUSME’s way in the future.” Our Association is now the best qualified intermediary for SMEs supporting organizations in the world to operate as a “bridge”to the UN family.”, commented Gian Franco Terenzi, President of WUSME since 2010″ to statements and conferences of UN ECOSOC, WUSME wants to actively demand smarter regulations for SMEs and crafts, particularly better access to finance and micro-loans, independent funds for crises prevention and development “””, affordable education and training, ease-of-doing-business and, above, all for start ups and young entrepreneurs and business women”, added the President. From the beginning, the economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has been the main entry point into the United Nations system for NGOs. ECOSOC remains the only main United Nations body with a formal framework for NGO participation. Norbert W Knoll by Jess, General Secretary of WUSME, who has been appointed Permanent Representative of UN ECOSOC at the UN of Headquarters, explained the scope of the commissions shall whereon WUSME focus its main activities in the forthcoming year: Statistical Commission Commission on population and Development Commission for social development, Commission on the status of women Commission on Science and technology for Development-Commission on sustainable development of regional social and Economic Commission e.g.

ESCAP, Bangkok etc. Knoll by Jess so recommended the formation of a “Permanent Mission of SMEs-supporting associations with consultative status at UN ECOSOC SMECOSOC” with the task to formulate and submit joint statements and recommendations to the UNECOSOC commissions. As stated in resolution 1996/31, organizations with special consultative status have the option of presenting oral statement at the ECOSOC annual meeting either at the United Nations in New York or the United Nations Office in Geneva, depending on where it is held in a particular year. Now WUSME has crossed the border to the United Nations system, but we have to shoulder higher responsibility towards SMEs worldwide. We have to expand our operations and provide support to the institution and pick up projects for implementation in this effort. “, said J.S. juneja, India, Vice President of WUSME for South Asia. WUSME will certainly have to come up with a concrete plan of actions to make the new status of efficient and successful. “In the capacity of official partner organization of UNECOSOC, WUSME want therefore to open gates to find other UN agencies, such as UNESCO, UNIDO and OECD”, said Robert Holtz, Vice President in Paris.


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