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Scandinavia B2C E-Commerce report 2011 Hamburg, 04.11.2011. In his latest report of Scandinavia B2C E-Commerce report 2011 is the Hamburg market research firm a comprehensive overview of the field of B2C E-commerce in the Scandinavian countries. So sales and competitors of the market are considered as well as Internet users and online shoppers. In Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are taken into account. The Internet penetration rate is in the Scandinavian countries in comparison with the EU average is very high, as well as the proportion of online buyers. Most popular categories here are travel and electronics products.

Overall, it is to determine that the market structures similar in all four countries. Extremely popular in Sweden Sweden, one of the world’s leading countries is online orders on the Internet. Learn more wanted to know more. Although Internet penetration is high, is still growth potential. However, more than 90% of Sweden’s population used the Internet 2010 already. Also informed is almost 70% of the inhabitants of Sweden before online ordering via a search engine. The growth of B2C E-commerce sales will reach 2011 not quite 10%. “” “” After the Scandinavia B2C E-Commerce report 2011 “by the leading product categories in the B2C E-commerce were travel 2010” electronic products “, clothing and footwear” and media/entertainment “.

The most popular shops in Swedish customers were Adlibris (books), Cdon (books and other media), Ellos (fashion), and H & M (mode). Leader in mobile Internet use more than 90% of households in Norway Norway in Europe have access to the Internet in 2011 and also access to the mobile broadband is increasingly common. The Scandinavia B2C shows E-Commerce report 2011 “by, that almost 20% of the Norwegian population 2010 took advantage of the Internet with their mobile phone, which is much higher than the EU average. Also more than 60% of the Norwegian online shoppers shopped at least once abroad, which in turn is above the Scandinavian average.

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