One Evening

I like all of Nicholas snapped inside. As whether it is the world stood still. And in my head just one question: – 'How, how? It can not be. , just not with you. Why not? " Olga's voice was quiet and sounded in the tube short beeps Later in the news Nicholas learned that on the highway Odessa-Kiev in a car accident killed Eugene.

His driver lost control and they flew off the track. The car was completely smashed. The driver survived, but Eugene is not. On this day, the cemetery is not seen so many people. There were so many that seemed to have gathered the entire world. A lot of people knew Eugene.

And everyone wanted to see him in the 'last' way. Nikolay and Olga met at the exit of the apartment, when all people razoshlis.Olga went to Nicholas and lifted her tear-stained eyes. It long looked him straight in the eye. He did not feel comfortable. It's like whether it's burning through its eyes. Nicholas saw the emptiness and pain in her eyes. After that, she said: – 'You do not deserve that! " Nicholas was in complete disarray. It seemed that he had as a young child is very strongly in something naughty. Nicholas: – "Why?" He asked, puzzled. Olga: – 'Because, in the evening you could not convince me! " She fell on her knees, hugged Nicole's legs and weeping said: – 'How do I live? " Nicholas felt like a thousand needles pierced his body and back drip ice-cold sweat. He stood before the door of his friend and is not how it could help him family. After all, most, for it upset his friend . And his desire to protect his family did not come true He had not been able to answer her Olga left

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