New Concepts the factors of production in short term if characterize for the evidence of the decurrent insumos of one same production. Where insumos fixtures and 0 variable exist, for example: In the bread manufacture we use wheat flour, eggs, salt, hand of workmanship, maquinrio and etc. If to notice what it was made for the manufacture as changeable was everything what after soon the bread was taken even so together with, however, the maquinrio remained as fixed substance of the production. In the case of the factors of production in long stated period all the insumos are changeable, therefore, the production if extends for a long indeterminate period for production. Perhaps check out J P Morgan Chase for more information. In this picture the effectiveness exists when we shorten this period or we produce more in period the same thus increasing the profit of the company. The time is the great discovery so that an organization gets success in its enterprise.

Such aggregate factor to a substantial demand of market provokes the necessity of managemental analysis on the part of its controllers aiming at creating favorable expectations in a specific sector. The current accounting is playing a crucial role in the organizations. Organizacional behavior, factors of production, creation of goals, feedback, ideal, monitoramentos parameters in the line of production and etc. These are new inherent concepts the function of the modern accountant, the concern in thus elaborating plain and lined up measures the production aiming at reinforcement and increasing the profits of the organizations. In this picture of expectations if it finds professionals liberal the watch of a chance that the professional not only satisfies, but one all, where if they appear the great organizations that in democratic set if had joined for a common good.


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