And, in its turn, this architectural design of the restaurant you can always be applied to other restaurants included in this network of restaurants. Kevin Johnson recognizes the significance of this. Thus it is possible to gain a foothold in the minds of visitors of the restaurant, that being in a restaurant the network with the design of a trading hall, a man realized that here he would be granted comfort and convenience, as well as excellent service and delicious food. For example, our designers has developed the design of restaurant 'cheese', and here what can we say about the design prepared by: "Getting on the first floor of the restaurant, you like get into a big round cheese, with plenty of loopholes and windows. This sense contributes to the color of the walls, which was picked up a cheese-sand color. The design of the restaurant perfectly complement a variety of fresh flowers in large ceramic vases, huge bouquets of yellow and white roses alive in crystal vases. On the second floor Hall is 'wine' – a paradise for gourmets, it differs significantly from the hall on the first floor.

In this room a pleasant atmosphere of intimacy, the light dimmed a little, and in the heart pillar of Salat is gilded in the form of graceful legs glass. Also one of the examples with which you can udovlstviem lead because interior design of the restaurant, also fulfilled our specialists, this is a great restaurant complex De Cafe, located in the south stolitsy.Etot four-story restaurant complex may be associated with high peramidoy, each successive level is more refined and sophisticated. Cozy coffee shop has collected in itself as simple interior and a very The original design of a position of great entertainment with a cup of tea or coffee. On the second floor there is a 'Asian Meeting', interior design which was made in the ethnic style. But the style that made Hall third floor, can be described as eclectic. With it all looks very harmoniously and in truth gorgeous. And on top of the 'restaurant of the pyramid' is located banquet hall. Beautiful panoramic views and elegant furnishings perfect for business meetings or weddings.


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