Manpower Inc. Is A Top Company For Women

US magazine PINK takes recruitment agency in exclusive list on Milwaukee/Frankfurt – only recruitment agency Manpower Inc. was on the list of top companies for women\”of the American magazine PINK recorded. The inclusion in the prestigious ranking, which was raised for the second time this year is a recognition of the important role of women in manpower particularly in top management. (Source: Alphabet). A total 13 companies were awarded for the creation of the rankings analyzed PINK, the magazine for women in business life, numerous U.S. companies.

In addition to criteria such as the number of women in leadership positions and financial responsibility, the advancement opportunities for women, as well as the payment belonged to the aspects that have been collected and evaluated by the journal. Conclusion 13 companies were awarded from all nominated companies. The companies in our ranking are leader in the advancement of women\”, says Cynthia good, founder and editor of PINK. This means for all of these companies not only maternity leave and more flexible working hours, but also the women to give the authority, companies to change and to promote their career.\” Women give the company Dynamics for more than six decades offers manpower women the opportunity to participate actively in the Affairs of the company. The fact that many of our senior managers are women, giving the whole company\”a dynamic pace, Jeff Joerres, Chairman and CEO of manpower is expressed. It is the diversity of thoughts and the experiences that bring these women as strong leaders.

I’m proud of the fact that manpower is recognized worldwide, to promote women in the profession\”. The quality of the workforce, the ever-growing number of workers and their influence on the company promoted the development and the success of regional and global activities. Women in influential management positions at manpower women represent 40 per cent of the Executive management team; 43 per cent of the country Manager all over the world are female.

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