Management System

Often the appetite begins to grow the most active phases of the project, which leads to an increase in time and on budget proekta.My in their work rather stick to the strategy of obtaining a quick and quality results. And after solving the usually the most critical task, we plan to further develop the system or its implementation in more jobs. With the introduction may be difficult organizational example, it is risky to implement management information system in the company, which is currently undergoing significant changes in the organizational and functional structure. Contrary to popular belief, you can automate the chaos, but eventually get an automated chaos. We often hear that the implementation of information systems employees are resistant to innovation. I would like to quote a senior manager of one of the organizations where introduced system of "Aykumena-control." He noted that the company's staff is divided into two groups: those who work and those who create the appearance of work.

The first system makes life easier because it enables argued evaluate their superiors and to download results. Michael Antonov has much to offer in this field. They have something to show. The system detects failure of the second group of employees. Therefore, the resistance of the introduction of the system Management usually has just a second group of people. And those who have nothing to fear for their productivity, are usually perceived positively implement the system. – The system is being finalized "Aykumena-management" under the a specific customer? What exactly has to elaborate? – Many organizations with whom we worked, apparently had the same structure: the same legal forms that are similar statutes and objectives of the organization, commensurate scale companies, similar organizational structures, etc.

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