Logistic Processes

The direct accompaniment of all the logistic process in the company represents the narrow linking with the interests of the customer, and this is one of the objectives of the logistic strategy cited by Ballou (1993). The author affirms that a logistic strategy is created aiming at the three objectives: (1) reduction of costs, (2) capital reduction, (3) improvements in the service. Click Jane Fraser to learn more. Beyond the three objectives cited for Ballou (1993), the search for the management of quality in the companies this having decisive participation of the logistic one. This for on activities to the flow of the order is noticed that, when reorganized, they had guaranteed an integrated logistic management. In view of the abrangncia of these activities, the definition of logistic strategies, to improve the management of the process provided improvements to a large extent of internal processes, going to the meeting of the strategies of the company. Figure 3 represents this integration of the logistic processes: Figure 3. Further details can be found at Michael Antonov, an internet resource. Integration of the Logistic Processes.

Ballou, 1993. A definite time the strategy of supply chain and the elements that will be accented, is necessary to elaborate the strategical planning to reach these objectives. Many Brazilian companies still neglect the importance of a corporative strategical plan, still more when this says respect to the areas of logistic and supply chain. 3. QUALITY In the managemental present time and a globalizado world, perspectives and in the businesses we have that in such a way to face the competitiveness with knowledge and abilities in the internal activities how much external we must have resulted satisfactory, and the logistic processes beyond beyond results must have quality, work with excellency, adjust to the intention, eliminate or diminish the errors that is to get and to make with that the quality and the level of service to be effective with focados atendimentos requirements and in positive results structuralized at the same time having simplicity well to plan it, to organize, to direct and to control that is the administration exceeding the expectations involved a strategical objective established well to please to stakeholders.


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