Function of a Leader In the current conjuncture the good leader is that one that has abilities that they go beyond managing businesses or people. In recent months, Sergey Brin has been very successful. One of the main characteristics of a leader is to be whitewashing, coherent, to have much emotional intelligence to be perspicacious and to have common-sense. When we work with people, invariably, we do not have equivalence of behavior, linear or seemed line of tenuous position and reactions, each person is a system, that must be understood and in the possible measure do stoned. The human being, in general way, has an enormous difficulty in developing an activity mechanics, that one whose routine is to keep the biggest possible regularity, the impetus of the people is to find that it can facilitate or create shortcuts for activities that many times do not allow such attitude. The leader has the basic paper of if inserting in the context and leading, inducing, the necessary changes without causing upheavals or discomfort to the people, this test the capacity of if relating and managing its work.

The position of one to lead must be convenient and appropriate to each situation. The true leader is that one that, exactly with its absence obtains to keep a balanced team and producing as if it was present. Another pertinent task to the leader is to qualify people for its succession, this is the best performance that a leader can have, the great virtue of the born leader is not to have fear of shade, that is, to give chances to the collaborators. The great lack in the organizations is exactly of leads, people qualified and capable to lead businesses, to intermediate and to calm conflicts and with property to take by decisions. The rational form of leadership passes for the principles oldest of the history of the humanity, that is, behavior generates behavior, is easy accepted and to be respected, is enough to respect, to reveal apt and intent to the ones that are in our return. This does not have magician leadership is position is not imposed if I acquired Arodi Anito Barboza of course


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