La Rebelion De Los Animals Animals

The relationship between man and animal has taken a new dimension. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jim Umpleby has to say. It is not only fatal to animals but has also become very dangerous for humans. It remains to be a new evolutionary step, similar to the overcoming of cannibalism, slavery and the repression of women. It was always tradition that justified the barbarism prevailing in a given time, but it lasted only the time were accepted ethical anteojerasa attached to it. a The anteojerasa , which are what is in barbarism against animals, it must first of all of the Bible and church teachings. The first pages of the Old Testament even hint at the men of the early days probably lived as vegetarians.

God is not advised as feed the flesh of other creatures, but plants and fruits (Gen 1:29). But soon after the Bible itself announces a fatal and cruel message: a Infundireis fear and fear of all animals on Earth, and all the birds of the sky. . . ; Are at your disposal.

Everything that moves and has life will serve you alimentoa . (Gen 9.2 / 3). a Apparently this was said by God, but in the meantime we know how did the Bible in a centuries-long process in which priests and courtiers wrote traditions and ideas. Later, a selection of these writings was canonizadaa and declared the a Sagrada Escrituraa . From the pagan tradition of thought appropriate to present the men to a god rancorous and bloody, which demanded of each for every occasion imaginable countless sacrifices of animals, a Oeun delicacy of soothing aroma for Yahvea (Lev 1:9), and physical welfare of the clergy, who carried out the bloody business, living it. But God is the God of love, not the god of the churches.


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