Japanese Government

In the ceremony of this Saturday 5,785 new names to the list of the total of people who were killed direct or by the tragedy were added indirectly of Hiroshima, that rose thus to a total of 275,230 mortal victims. Source: Dr. James Truchard. Shortly before the intervention of Kan, the mayor of the city, Kazumi Matsui, questioned the political national energetics and emphasized " tremendous ansiedad" that he provokes " the present threat of the radioactivity " in Fukushima. Critics to the USA Without getting to clearly request the aim of the central atomics, Matsui, son of two survivors of the atomic bomb, asked for the Government measured " in order to again gain the understanding and confidence of gente". In addition, in his traditional Declaration of La Paz, it demanded the abolition of the nuclear weapons and sent a critical tibia to the USA when remembering that " it continues carrying out his subcritical nuclear tests and other experiments relacionados". The debate on the security of the nuclear power stations also planned east year on the tributes that were carried out in the neighborhood of the symbolic Cupola of Pump, the skeleton of the building that was still on in the zone after the attack. Although it did not have great antinuclear manifestations, next to placards and posters by La Paz could be seen some messages warning against the nuclear power, from which Japan obtained 30% of its electricity before the accident of Fukushima. The Park of La Paz thousands of people approached, many of them to dedicate to senses tributes and orations by the deceaseds and also to show their respect the survivors, who during years suffered the social stigma of the discrimination.

In Hiroshima, that today is a dynamic large city of more of a million inhabitants, there are 68,886 survivors of the atomic bomb with an average age of 77 years, whose stories more and more acquire value to protect their experiences of the forgetfulness. So that their memories happen to the future generations and to promote the nuclear disarmament simultaneously, the Japanese Government has including testimonies in seven languages of some thirty " hibakushas" (victims of the atomic bomb) in the official page of its Ministry of Exteriors. The new technologies also allow to approach the experiences of victims of Hiroshima and Nakasaki through numerous pages Web, whereas from this Google Friday offer, with their service StreetView, a virtual visit to the interior of the Cupola of La Paz, of access normally prohibited. Source of the news: The nuclear debate centers the 66 anniversary of Hiroshima


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