Itemov Build Level

Cons-It's little enough HP. -Very weak against stanerov etc. Hero-requires good tactics and team play! For a long time, first casting skill (and can knock down) -It is very vulnerable to gang 3. Itemov Build 4.Taktika. 1.8 level: I am writing the second JI tactics! Here we open the bunker and click on the muzzle Ezalora. At the beginning of purchased (chicken, ROR) and go on line. At first, it is desirable shob we went with an ally (shob We covered it) – because we do not have Nichev shoby escape (dagger, bot.) Well, at first we Pharm (more so for us it's not complicated.) Shoot on Illuminat'om creeps (and characters) from the seen Illuminat'a cast, the characters will run (if not full Nuba ), and creeps will not disband,> we have to farm them.

Manu replenish chakra. Swinging. After reaching level 5 we take out of the neutrals, and directly from their line! (See the screenshots!) If you see that far into your rig suited creeps (and rep (s)), how You can quickly come to his tower, and the orientation of the shoot in their direction Illuminate-> they are suitable, and these wave-> creeps almost dead, and the Geres pokotsanye-> thus we rescued her from the onslaught of the tower! At these levels we need to buy headres (for regen), buckler (for zaschitki and + to stats), Brasserie (hp increase), zero (mp lift), boots (to move on quickly.) 9-19 level: Let us now proceed to describe the middle of the game.

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