Integration Body

For with the Old Church language HABIT: at – joining, Vita – life (like image), and – limit, boundary, sc – one of many. In other words, the habit – attached to the lifestyle of one of the constraints. Verily, man is free as far as he is free from the influence of their habits, which are based on one or another relationship. The nature of any addiction is unconscious and automatic, and its dominant influence is manifested in a person's life until until an evolutionary leap or shift, involving shifting the focus of personality into the conscious domain. And this is possible in the case of developed personality, tending to integration with the soul through an intuitive discernment and Coordinated mind. Realizing the possibility of managing its own automatism, you can proceed to the next level – to study the laws and regularities that are characteristic for the physical, emotional and mental nature rights. With the help of the illumined mind, all three of these levels are converted using the following steps: * cleansing of the mind from prejudices, false beliefs, stereotyped thinking * Department of true and necessary needs of the body from destructive and harmful influences and effects * recovery of the body and bringing it into a state of heightened sensitivity * control the physical body through breathing and physical exercises and Meditation * with emotions and emotional acceptance of the existence of space as a egregor with all the ensuing consequences * learning the correct ways to respond to uncontrollable emotion, and we use * Yoga for mastering the art of concentration and contemplation * expansion of consciousness and the ability to stretch the mind and become plastic and enclosing * separation of mind and reason, followed by reasonable supervision and control of mental functions * Integration of the mind and the higher self This is not a comprehensive self-improvement tools, somehow affecting the inert nature of addiction. .

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