How To Be Himself, Not By Someone The Other On Training

In the last article we talked about that, because of poor self-presentation coaches can not tell the quality of himself and his program. In this chapter we want to talk about the presentation itself on the training. Learn more at this site: Keith McLoughlin. We have seen great job the number of coaches and we can say one thing in common for many – They are almost all the same! What makes coaches the same (or very close to it)? "Fear of making a mistake (I must be right, and best of all ideal) Adherence patterns of behavior (Coach – the person responsible and can not behave anyhow) The absence or minimal presence of humor in a speech (The coach must be serious) As a result, even well-worked as a coach sometimes hideously boring))) What do I do it and why do all the beginning to the second question. Why change it if it works? You can not change at all. It is not necessary. Many work without it.

You can continue to continue to correct and boring smart training and everything will be fine (or so-so). There is still a great word, which I really 'love' – 'to read the training. " After reading training (and lectures) may in fact have different, right? Or you can learn to do differently. People such as Rob Crossland would likely agree. Five bonuses, who can get the coach: His recognizable personal style (you will remember) on your training will take place not only because of the topic, but also because of Vasto, what you say will be better reach people and they will have more rezultatovBolshe personal pleasure from vedeniyBolshe ease in managing a group of Now: What do you do? 5 Simple (and for someone not so) steps, how to be more interesting and vivid on gruppePriznat their right to error. Helps mantra, written on the wall – 'A coach can lay an egg'.

Read before and during treningPozvolit show their individual personality traits. For example, if you are serious by nature, you can try strained smile, and you can submit your seriousness as a chip. Remember Comedian alto – all the jokes said by boring a serious face, and the people lying on the floor of smehPozvolit afford to be unconventional (or even specially out of the template). For example, I have almost all training sessions telling obscene and (or) the indecent jokes. All this occurs in the context of training, closer to its end, and occurs quite pozitivnoAktivno use humor. It can be different and depend on the individual coach as well as from the group. Jokes, anecdotes, comedic elements of his own behavior. It can sometimes be enough, even facial expressions to the whole group laughed at full golos.Ispolzovat individual chips be unique to you. Crown phrases, wardrobe items, musical themes – there could be anything. The main thing is that it is you like our experience shows: if the master – not just the informant or the reader or even a conductor ideas or ideology, but also a bright interesting personality, it also gives him and a group of very large bonuses and increases its competitiveness in the market and one important feature finally: If you 'live' on the group rather than a statue of a lecturer, then participants with very high probability you will forgive your mistakes. Find a job at least 10 of its chips as a coach. They can be both large and very small. The main thing – that they are yours continues to move! More useful materials for the coaching you can see, hear and read on the website of the School Coaches


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