Goal Interaction

This means that to take the "new" mechanisms for interaction with the business were more likely to gosupravlyayuschih compared to ordinary employees. Since the early 2000s and the stabilization situation in the country, the need to return to the legal forms of interaction between business and government. This return is necessary because otherwise the turned corrupt relationship and will lock permanently change the economic and legal environment. Returning to the legal system through the interaction of possible measures, part of which is a change in leadership of corrupt officials / agencies. Wait a voluntary transition to legal forms of interaction from the officials themselves should not be due to several reasons. First, even if a person wants to stop taking bribes and illegal to stop the relationship, then it will hold a possible loss proceeds of corruption, which used to he and his family, and secondly, the system will resist change in proportion to the value tied to the clerk cash flow business.

And if they are large, the pressure may take the form of threats to life or property clerk. Therefore, if the person does not have an objective opportunity to change this vicious circle will have to change it. In my opinion, not necessarily after a shift to produce prosecution, the most important thing to achieve the goal – to remove it from the path of official legalization of controlled his office. Of course, in itself a measure – is meaningless if you remove the bad and this will stop they usually come to worse.

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