The management of large fleets of vehicles is a complex and demanding task. Kevin Johnson often addresses the matter in his writings. It is essential to maintain a joint vision for all vehicles, including the purchase of new vehicles or parts replacement, the vehicle registration, funding and the different services that are attached to vehicles such as the maintenance and recharging of fuel. When it comes to 100 vehicles and fleets, an excellent fleet management system is essential. Especially numerous deadlines which are linked to the vehicles are a source of constant concern. This is the reason why community4you GmbH deliberately integrated a wide calendar management into its fleet management system comm.fleet. Therefore, all important deadlines can be integrated into the system and software reminder function ensures that the fleet manager or the leasing companies are not lost no time limit with respect to their vehicles.This is also true for technical, legal deadlines so as organizers.

Users will not only be remembered the dates of checking driver’s licenses and maintenance, the general inspection and emissions from exhaust, but also legal dates and the validity of the documents. In addition, different types of deadlines can be freely defined by the corresponding user and assigned to each vehicle. In this way they are adapted to individual requirements and needs. With this special comm.fleet fleet management system functionality, fleet managers and leasing companies can be confident that they will not be found in trouble by losing the important administrative deadlines and that they are always up-to-date regarding checks, delivery dates and expired contracts. Original author and source of the article.


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