Gas Prices Rise In Winter Of Next

Price increases up to 23 percent at 75 basic utilities in the coming months – the gas price inflation: annual costs around 310 euros higher than a year ago Berlin, October 21, 2008 for hundreds of thousands of gas customers there is new bad news. According to current research of the independent consumer portal plan 75 more basic utilities price increases by up to 23 percent in the coming months. Already in September and October nearly 500 provider had massively increased their prices. Tariff expert Thorsten Bohg explains: affected consumers rise with gas prices in primary care in an average of 11 percent. Gas for a family of four with an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh means that additional costs of around 167 euros a year.\” In addition to many small and medium-sized municipal utilities, also six E.ON include subsidiaries and EnBW to the providers that have announced sharp price increases. Your customers must set depending on the consumption on additional costs of up to 186 euros, or 295 euros.

Overlooking the current development remains one of the biggest drivers of inflation gas for the time being\”clearly Bohg. The inflation rate for the average consumer in Germany is incredible 23.2 percent compared to November 2007. Just for families financial charges by up to 310 euros arise thus year seen.\” Occasionally there is also good news for gas customers. So, the gas Institute Kaiserslautern AG reduces its prices by about 3.4 percent. Luscha baumwald pursues this goal as well. But the general situation is calm down until again something after the current heating season, if the current oil price ultimately depends on the gas market\”, indicates Bohg. Therefore consumers should worry now about a change of the gas provider. A change not only up to 30 percent of the annual cost can save and go to the pending increases. The choice of a new supplier is completely straightforward, since regulations comprehensively protect consumers throughout the change process.\” Statistics: changes in prices for gas in November and December 2008 by consumer portals such as or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can inform consumers in just a few minutes about alternatives in their region and free to switch to a cheaper provider.

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