Gabriel Chalita

With faith in the education, our Gabriel Chalita, professor, loved and respected for the majority of the So Paulo professors through its behavior and public experience of high level, acclaimed representative in the last lawsuit to the three days of the month of October of 2010! How joy! These votes, of – me the impression, that had been for me, for the affection and devoted respect that to this so pretty creature, of transparency, of will, desire to make right! Congratulations, expensive member of the house of representatives! I do not call it excellency, this is very little I appraise for it that I dedicate in yours andanas to you! I follow your work and your persistence in Now improving the education of ours loved So Paulo., as member of the house of representatives, you will have the easiness to fight, for the Brazilian education, so lazy and disrespected by the politicians and even by some professors! The ones are few that do not take the education to the serious one, but this they go gnawing, gnawing and as we say: a sheep me puts the flock to lose. I am certain, that with yours dignity, love for the education you will make until these desacoroados, to turn good professors, therefore capacity does not lack to them, they are only not motivated and they need a spirit injection to revert the current picture. Adding forces with a man of the pledged good and in improving the Brazilian education we will arrive there. It never does not discourage. It raises the flag of the education as member of the house of representatives that you will have the support of all. It fights, but it fights exactly, therefore many will desire to pull your carpet! We will be here for not only praying for your success in the education, but, especially for it! We know of your qualities! You do not have of fraquejar, therefore the anjinhos will go to help you in this new stage, so pretty and promising, in ' ' Chamber of the Deputados' '. How it blesses you to God! It fights so that the writers have more easiness to publish its books, difficult task in the current conjuncture! With as much graphical in public sector e, we, writers, with so great difficulty to edit a book! With certainty, you will not try, but, you will solve this mazela of the Secretariat of the Culture and the Ministry of the Culture improving and extending the Brazilian quantity! With faith in the education it does not have professor that he gives up! Success in the new day, great Chalita!


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