Free Commerce

Had the globalizada economy, the economies of the nations tend to the economic blocks, a time that the same ones can offer reduction in the customs tariffs, and to become more easy the circulation of merchandises and people, promoting, thus, the infrastructure development or progress in the countries that a block composes, as it is the case of the Handle. The prognostic of the economists is of that future the commercial relations will be between economic blocks, and not more between countries. Filed under: James Taylor. Now, what to make so that these blocks bring bencias for all the countries? It is clearly: the United States it interests a total opening of the markets, a time that, exactly its products me the quality are more attractive to the consumers of the too much countries of the block Handle of what its national products. Ahead of this fact the questions that are: how to change the mentality of the Brazilian people, for example, that time for another one demonstrates shame of its proper flag? How to make to acquire it taste for the national products?. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala often addresses the matter in his writings.


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