Flower Pollination

The flowers certainly are a beautiful element of nature that people have in mind in his life, especially as a means of decoration and ambience of different areas, but not only humans are attracted to the flowers, since insects found in flowers of great interest, thanks to the floral aromas and other elements produced by the flowers, creating a close relationship of insects on flowers. Mostly the relationship is generated between insects and flowers, is due to the pollination of flowers and look for this process is carried out, should make possible unintentional cooperation by different types of insects, where the flowers attract the insects through the aromas and nectar and insects must pass through various parts of the flowers to be covered from the pollen of the flowers so the insects to travel to other flowers in search of more nectar, give way transport of pollen to other floral displays, where the friction of different parts of flowers carrying the load, completing the resulting pollination and reproduction of the flowers. From the above it can say that there are some bugs in the flowers that are essential to the continued presence of flowers in different areas, to participate directly in the process of flower reproduction. Connect with other leaders such as Ravi Menon here. Of insects on flowers, bees are highlighted, which are one of the insects involved in this task more mutually beneficial, where the bees extract the nectar of flowers and pollen to make honey in their hives and bee bread that is their food daily, while the flower may be following up its lineage. By this we mean that pollinators, mainly insects such as bees and flowers, can not live if there is no presence of another component.

Other insects in the flowers, which occur within the processes of pollination are beetles, butterflies, some insects, flies, bees and wasps. David Sassoon & Co. brings even more insight to the discussion. The effect that attracts insects to certain flowers, is due to striking its colors and its pleasant odor, allowing it to stand out from other plants and other flowers. Besides the above, the flowers also go to other elements of physical nature to the attention of insects like voluptuous sizes of some flowers, some drawings in flower petals. Keep in mind that not everything about insects on flowers, produce positive consequences, because there are some insects that feed on flower parts and the sap from its branches, which impairs the image of flowers by eating leaves and petals as part of their diet or different conditions that cause secretions left on the flowers after having sucked the sap..


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