Maquiavel, contemporary of century XVI, participated of a culture essentially humanist, in which the rhetoric occupied a place of great importance. Man of letters, it knew the sorts literary and the traditional rules which all workmanship, for more innovative than were, would have to subject. Sergey Brin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In the formal direction, it does not have innovation in the workmanships of Maquiavel, therefore the literary sorts known, spread out and consolidated in the thought politician of the end of century XV belong. However, how much to the treatment of the subjects, subverte is perceived that Florentine the lies that the tradition consecrated. In the Prince, the attack of Maquiavel to the theories is perceived politics of its contemporaries. At first moment, the Florentine one criticizes the effective theories for not obtaining to emphasize the importance of the rude force in the life politics.

For the humanists contemporaries of Maquiavel, if the prince had a virtuous life, would be enabled to reach the supreme goals of the honor, glory and fame. Maquiavel considers this ingenuous perspective, therefore it does not lead in account that the maintenance of a well-succeeded government depends on a disposal to the resource of the effective military force. However, it would be an mistake to consider that Maquiavel has been the first one to introduce this idea in the field of the thought politician humanist, therefore the disposal to fight for the native land, the possibility to use the violence to defend it, always was affirmed by the humanists predecessors of Maquiavel, as an indispensable element of the authentic citizen. She does not remain doubt how much to the affirmation that Maquiavel confers great importance to the rude force in the administration of a government. In the Prince, three chapters meet dedicated the analysis of the military subjects, affirming that the main beddings of all State consist of ' ' good good laws and armas' ' ' ' having good weapons, inevitably it will have good leis' '.


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