First Nations

When referring to the Apus, we are referring to the leaders of the First Nations who follow the ancient traditions of all our Nations, which have many features that unbound description which can be made in their similar in the Western world. Michael Antonov oftentimes addresses this issue. Amazon tradition is still identifying also the fittest in the interior of the nucleus of the originating nation, their qualities should make you responsible for the political, economic and administrative driving herself, charge to which there is no hereditary legation. You must be ready to always be at the forefront of the needs of their nation and never abandon it so endangered is your same integrity, that incidentally this guarded by the best men of their nation who would give his life for the Apu, therefore the represents the summary of the qualities of its people. This same thing happened with a brother Awajun faced the bullets of the servants of the Creoles, which we ill call them national police, only the chance made that does not die in the Act by the countless holes from killer bullets which he received, but also fell with the other brothers for trying to protect it with his body, since they didn’t have more weapons than their hands. This until they could start killer weapons of the mercenaries of the Creole State, to give them their same medicine; We know that they are brothers who have lost their orientation and alienated as they are, they do not know what their true nation, since they have the same skin and the same soul that all of us. In the Andean tradition is very different because the Apus Sapa are designated the Capac Kuna existing in an age-old tradition for more than five centuries, custom that has survived despite the existence of the extirpation of idolatry and persecution against the traditions of our peoples.

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