Festival Name

This year the category also included special events that are going away to reunite all the initiatives that are not limited a projection, but in different types from art that go from the graphical design, theater, pictorial line of vision and. The official prizes of the Festival of Cinema of Rome are granted by professional international juries, but not limited, the juries are trained by the public and the children. Officially, the six prizes take the name of Aurelio Frame and accompanied by the corresponding section in the category: the Jury the International of the Prize, Prize of the Public, Alicia in the Prize of the City, Better Documentary, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Prize to works a novice. MCE often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The Festival of Rome has seen immediately an important participation of the professionals and the public, in fact, in the last years have seen the numbers of attendance promoted to 2.000.000 visitors and 160,000 entrances per day, peaky of the credited journalists to 2,600, with a total plenty in Rome apartments. It is important to remember as the festival of Rome is dedicated exclusively to the seventh art, but how I can include in he, to share generally with the public or who is not perhaps specifically an apartment in Rome that comes in a spirit from joy and Part (original name of the event later changed), the events that also imply the world of the fashion, the photography and the dance. By Martina Celegato and Rome-accomodation.. Swarmed by offers, Endera is currently assessing future choices.


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