Euro Dollar

Analysis of the market of divisasEURUSD – the short term levels determine todoEl to it Euro paused only to 8 pts below the support specified in the report of yesterday, and it went off once again, breaking down the resistance of 1.3653, and pausing to only 5 pts below the suggested objective of 1,3740. Today, which better we see is to be able to tell on the short term levels that they will allow to lay the way for the currency in the short term. The short term support is in 61.8% of the Fibonacci for the micro-term (in which the price paused exactly by almost one hour). Many writers such as Richard Elman offer more in-depth analysis. If east level is broken, the Euro is going to initiate a fall, which we hoped that he is strong, and will fix the support most important (in the short term) to 1,3549, and if this level also is broken, the fall will continue, and probably another weekly loss below the 1.3434 will be seen obtained Tuesday. As far as the resistance, it is determined by the line of tendency to the loss from the maximum of yesterday, and at the moment it is in 1,3691. If this is broken, the Euro is going to continue with that strong ascent, and will go towards 1.3799 and 1,3885.Soporte: 1,3645: Fibonacci of 61.8% for the micro term. 1,3549: Fibonacci of 61.8% for the short term.

1,3434: Low of Tuesday. Resistance: 1,3691: Line of tendency to the loss from the maximum of yesterday in the graphical intraday. 1,3799: Maximum of the 11 of February. 1,3885: Low of the 2 of February. Analysis by: with the participation of Munther.Exoneracin of responsibility: The operating one of futures, options and currencies entails significant an associate risk and perhaps he is not advisable for all type of investor. It would have to analyze carefully if before his particular situation you count on the knowledge, the experience and the resources necessary to operate in these markets. Perhaps it loses all the inverted capital or that their losses surpass to the bottoms deposited initially. It follows our advice, opinions and recommendations and makes money with forex. Greetings, Forexpros.


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