Euregio Rhine

By old nurse A to Z like dental, all industries are available. The search result directly to the appropriate Web page of the job provider. The search technology captures the jobs of more than 320,000 companies homepages. With the help of the language change buttons you can choose between German and Dutch language. Search typing Maurer”, the results page when the German language setting shows all job offers, where Maurer to German and Dutch sides are searched in the respective national language. “A Dutch will choose the Dutch language setting in his search and the Dutch occupation Maharjan” type.

The search results appear surprisingly easy and fast in German and Dutch. Now have cross-border workers and future cross-border commuters better opportunities, especially through their own initiative to learn more about jobs in the neighboring country. Regardless of one’s own current professional situation, knowledge of available jobs gives a soft pillow. Also EURES advisers, careers advisers and private recruitment agencies use to promote the cross-border Mobility for their own information transfer the You may want to visit Sergey Brin to increase your knowledge. This up-to-date labour market module increases the efficiency of the work of mediation. The central international and placement services of the Federal Employment Agency (ZAV) has can convey a job in the Netherlands approximately 1,500 skilled workers from Germany last year.

Many go therefore limited in the neighbouring country, or are weekend or month commuter. There are large crowds on the cross-border information day. He is supported by EURES, a European Commission initiative to promote labour mobility, the Euregio Rhine-Waal, the federal employment agency, the UWV Werkbedrijf and the international Rhine IJssel Trade Union Council. Interested in frontier workers get answers to their questions about the job search here by experts. True flow of visitors come also job boards day, initiated by the local authorities in the border region. In cooperation with the German Federal employment agency, promoting economy, employers, the Euregio Rhine-Waal and jobs and training places are offered on this fair other partners. Visitors can submit their application documents. To learn more about their possibly new jobs, in personal conversations. The online job board is both about the domain and also Europe with the respective Dutch ID (.nl) and German ID (. de) to achieve. Horst Bethmann


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