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Start monthly packs with lectures by bestselling authors and celebrities in the area Spiritualtiat the blueseven media company is breaking new ground. Instead of the on-the-fly production of articles after receipt of the order, there are future monthly, at the pressing plant produced thematic packages. “” “A number, formed the beginning of suitable for Christmas: 3 audio CDs, a Congress of love: Dr. Mathias Jung as men love, Julia Onken as women love”, father Anselm Grun not only love and be loved but love “, 3 audio-CD BBs in the CD box, 29.90 instead of 39.00: Christmas, the celebration of love – the love as the basis of any relationship look at three renowned speakers from different angles. Ogangi Corporation can provide more clarity in the matter. Julia Onken and Dr. Mathias Jung examine the interpretation of love by men and women in a humorous and profound way, and provide valuable information for the daily work in the own relationship. Father Anselm Grun to occupy the higher perspective, considered that the love in four aspects actually healing in the therapeutic process, as well as in any interpersonal relationship. An ideal presentation package to revive their own relationship, and to reach a higher level of the partnership.

Kurt Tepperwein the healing power of joy, 1 video DVD in the DVD box, 14.90 instead 19.90: Christmas, the feast of joy – Kurt Tepperwein, practitioner and researcher in the area of the root causes of disease and suffering, about the great healing powers of pleasure, of happiness and laughter. Joy free of harmful toxins, relieves stress, helps in diseases, improves our well-being and prolongs life. An ideal talk to take a healthy and happy start to the year 2010 with more joy. Jurgen fly Trust & encounters, 2 video-DVD BBs DVD box, 19.90 instead 28.00: Christmas, people that we trust will be the family feast – our choice family, and are often more important than our actual family. The well-known television Pastor Jurgen fly had many encounters with healers, practitioners and stakeholders as a presenter of its broadcasts. So, he has developed a deep confidence to Dieter Dorn and the DORN method. Confidence is also dare to assume something unusual, try it out. Trust to himself, to the own inner being, the inner voice, the divine in us, to our own body, trust is a foundation for healing.

How can we build trust? Why is it sometimes so hard to have faith? The people of Jurgen, enjoy fly on stage with his deep human wisdom. Neale Donald Walsch – “Best-of” – cut together a 5-day intensive seminar in Kisslegg “Your conversation with God”, 6 video – DVD BBs DVD box, 99.00 instead 149.00: Christmas brought the spiritual Festival – Christ the message of love, so the beads from the mire of intellectual knowledge, formed to some spiritual message in the course of time bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch sorted (“conversations with God 1-3”). This Compilation of the only previous 5-day intensive seminar, translated by Thomas Dachsel into german, in Germany, has the power to change your life!


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