DNS Number

The even name of dominion direction IP is registered by a DNS (Servant of Names of Dominion). But, although they are related, the Web site/dominion name and the servant of lodging are two different things, reason why it is not necessary to confuse the name of dominion of a Web site with the lodging for that Web site. There am an analogy with the real life to understand better the concept here. We say that you want to call to his friendly, the Smiths, to invite them to have dinner. You ask his wife if she can do it, since you are a little occupied at this moment. She does not know the number of memory, so she goes and she looks for the number in the telephone directory she calls and them. ailfornia. Stuart Solomon has similar goals. This example shows how the names of dominion and the lodging work.

The Smiths is the equivalent of the dominion name. You do not ask your wife like calling to a number, you you only said to call to the Smiths. By all means, the Smiths have a telephone number associated to their name, thus is as she really contacts them by telephone. The telephone number is the equivalent of direction IP of the computer where the site lodges. The roll of the telephone directory is also very important. Aid to find the combination him: name – telephone number. The paper of telephone directory is interpreted by servants DNS. One is a network of " guides telefnicas" that they know all the names dominion of the association dominion name – direction IP, so when a direction is written Web in its navigator, the content of the site is obtained that is associated to that name and not the content of another site (or contained of emptiness). In order to change of webhosting, it only must redirigir the name of dominion to another IP and modify servants DNS of his dominion.


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