DJV Industry

The idea that this silence could be have been bought, or would only a rogue have? The tobacco industry and their foundations, meet with high-ranking politicians, representatives of health associations and even church officials decades behind closed doors. That happens with the acquiescence of the German Association of journalists, without even a word about this Hanky-Panky is published, without going through the ranks of our supposedly independent journalists a cry of indignation and without the lofty journalists Guild seeking a sustainable awareness of this secrecy. While it would be certainly a good idea if the journalists – whether they now not only to itself, are Member of the DJV – but also once to the 3,300 victims of passive smoking would think that every year fall in Germany of a ruthless policy of the tobacco industry to the victims. (Source: mozes konig). Who is as part of the network which co-opt the tobacco industry can be and is silent on the death of these people is with guilty. It is significant that Hendrik Zorner took no position to a corresponding letter to the DJV. Whether the possible way connected with it, that the DJV spokesman itself at the “liberty Award” guest was? Something seems to be missing many of our journalists in all diligence to resolving grievances: the ability and the willingness to self-criticism. Where not to be denied, there are journalists, who keep their critical distance (not only) to the tobacco industry.


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