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Simplify the existing control system, control system should be targeted and effective than the more quickly and efficiently execute your commands to better system. The system shall provide the heads of only the information which is realistic used to manage, no more and no less, limit the number of middle managers and the number of instructions and paperwork, simplify the flow of information and your orders. Evaluate its position with: define goals What should be the control system because it is necessary to achieve goals. Simplify and link a system of incentives and accountability to the actual results achieved against targets and plans, any encouragement and punishment should be a reasonable time, quantitative and qualitative actual results against targets. Always leave a certain margin for possible deviations, delays, over-fulfillment, then there is the possibility without painful detour execution plan for a certain amount, but do not make this a great value.

Always matches your management decisions with the goals, the general idea and plans. Your decisions should be adequate solved problems, do not shoot a cannon at sparrows. Always evaluate the consequences of your decisions in terms of goals, do not forget the basics. Always supervise how and with what result of Your orders, if you let things take their course the consequences will be dire. When there is no control, the achievement is impossible in principle.

Controls should be simple and efficient, not complicate it beyond measure. Always make sure the current situation in the company and in the environment, always with any changes adjust plans and forecasts, any information used for decision-making, always check a variety of sources for accuracy and reliability, track changes in the market, competitors' actions. Remember your goals and plans must comply with the current situation and forecasts for the future. This is only the most general way, but every manager should always be very high level of understanding of management science, which has its own concepts, laws, priorities and its own administrative logic. To understand what a control that is management that is the quality of management and how it You can get to my site where I post free trainings, articles, books and podcasts. go use

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