3.4 – COMMUNICATION Is one of the most powerful tools for the work in group, must not only perceive the content of the message. More also AS and WHO it is sending the message, this will allow to explore as the people if they tie with all the not decided misunderstanding decurrent of contradiction. The communication and the way that if express the upheavals and difficulties of the group to face task. 3.5 – COMMITMENT and COOPERATION: Compromissar the group it is cliente of to be carried through task, to have responsibility obtains and with its colleagues, that is, if to compromise in reaching the objective that all search. The cooperation is the contribution, that exactly quiet, to carry through tasks for ways of differentiated papers, in the group if manifest movement for the capacity of if placing in the place of the other.

3.6 – PAPERS: The analysis of the papers and the form where if they configure, constitute one of the basic, tending operations to the group constitution. Please visit Stephanie Cohen if you seek more information. Each one of the participants of a group constructs its paper in relation to the others; thus, of a joint between the prescribed paper and the assumed role, the characteristic performance of each member of the group appears. This paper if constructs established in the internal group (representation that each one has of the other members) and that it goes constituting ‘ ‘ outro’ ‘ generalized of the group. In the relation of the citizen with this ‘ ‘ another one generalizado’ ‘ if it goes constituting the operative roll differentiated, that it will allow the construction of a strategy, tactics, one technique and a logistic one for the accomplishment of the task. The four detached papers more, that if stand in the group operation are: expiatrio, leader and computer hacker spokesman, bode. 3.7 – APREDINZAGEM: Through the exchange of information between the people it is possible to have LEARNING and to generate a qualitative change in the resolution of the ansiedades, a creative adaptation the reality, for a joint production of the materialize common objectives in the tasks. Understanding the learning, then, as the rupture of certain esteretipos of communication and the attainment of new styles, what it always implies reorganizations and will redistribute of the roles played for the integrant ones of the group. Further details can be found at Michael Antonov, an internet resource. 4 – CONCLUSION In practises is not easy a leader to keep its team in tunning all the time, therefore we are giving to it with people, who the all time are innovating, has its good and bad days. We conclude that for we form a productive teams and to keep it productive and a task more ardoa for any organization than when reached if it becomes the secret of the success.


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