Clients and Contacts

It simply does not mean, as or they make many companies, to try to look for between the well-known ones, contacts, suppliers or clients, another company that can need a similar worker, and to recommend it (which is not bad, in any case). Aside from that possible direct positioning (that one does not correspond exactly with outplacement), offers a complete study in which its personal and professional balance is analyzed, and their strongpoints are determined and weak, it studies which can be ” su” work market, is realised training in the use techniques search, and it carries out a planning of the activities to realise, and its temporality, as well as a pursuit of the same. This allows the worker to continue active somehow, and to conserve of the best way (or to even increase) its employability, being allowed him to orient or to reorient its race (to even mount its own company, providing to him technical and psychological support and reducing actually the time necessary to find another use. Technique also is beneficial for company that applies, since it reduces the possible confliction to it of that they remain, it improves his internal and external image, and facilitates the friendly agreement between the parts (consequently even can be profitable; the cost of its application, the hiring of an external consultant, et cetera, it could get to be inferior to the saving secured by the attainment in the agreement of friendly form). In addition, if the dismissal comprises of a reconstruction of the company, it facilitates the same, since as much the own dismissed employee as their companions will collaborate better in this process of reconstruction. Outplacement proper account with the aid of a consultant or external adviser, who helps worker a: – To establish its matrix DAFO (Weaknesses, Threats, Forces and Opportunities). – To analyze possible the market-objective (what companies, what professional project has).

– To elaborate the strategy search (answers to announcements in press, Internet, spontaneous candidacies, consultancies of selection, headhunter ). – To prepare the necessary tools, including the curricula, letters of presentation, preparation for the personal interviews, references to give the possible employer. – To plan the activities search of use of the candidate and to realise the pursuit of the same. – To choose between different proposals that can have simultaneously. Filed under: Stuart Solomon. – To negotiate its new contract. – Et cetera. These activities of outplacement can and must to be realised, in any case, by any person that wants to look for work, would be what Luis Puchol describes like car-outplacement, that would previously come to be a technique similar to the described thing, but realised to one same one. That is to say, that any person whom she looks for use would have to realise an analysis DAFO of itself, a study of in what companies could work and which is its professional project, to define its strategy search, to prepare the necessary tools, and to plan and to realise a pursuit of the planned activities, so that the own search of use constitutes a work in itself. This is also related to the well-known technique as Personal Branding or marks personnel.


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