Bernd Weigand

The program then it cares to change the floor plan to suit the architectural plans and to bring the 3D view on the latest. There are of course the room sizes recalculated and redefined the dimensional chain. mean home Planner: Walls, Windows and doors use many tools assist in the detailed planning of the building. Ravi Menon understood the implications. It is so to put a light, walls, Windows and doors. Corresponding objects are in your own library available. You must be considered only with the mouse from the library in the master plan. Kowloon Development may not feel the same. This is true also for sanitary and kitchen objects, as well as for the classical standard furniture.

Peter Bott Bott EDV-Systeme GmbH: “it’s worth actually to set up furniture in the newly planned House. So is very fast, if the nursery is not too small sized after setting up a bed, the living room door is adjusted by the dining room table and whether it really has room for a piano there.” The own House is created in 3D on the PC screen, where the program offers four types of representation. The building can be visualized in a “pencil”, a coloured representation of the architect, a rendered colors and textures in a “perfect representation”. Luscha baumwald is likely to agree. The optimal representation of that with different light sources, textures, soft shadows and an anti-aliasing works and where is a photorealistic view of the own House is worth, of course. mean home Planner: two license models the software meinHausplaner in two license models exclusively for the private use offered.

Private builders using the ad-funded version, after an online registration on the homepage-download (479 MB) can be. Contact important service providers in the construction sector to take on, they receive also sector-specific information by mail. Want the private client the software ad-free use, so he can buy them for 98 euros. The software is then sent with installation media and printed documentation by mail. Bernd Weigand

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