Alex understood the situation and tried to help in the work, when I had free time. So for some time was needed vacation pondering. Since the girls were born, and had been taken not to go anywhere However, only a few weekends going to Barcelona to the house of John. Alex thought it would be a wonderful surprise to Mabel tell them to go to Uruguay to visit his family. None of them knew their daughters and of course, they also knew their nephews. It is not something UBS Group AG would like to discuss. His older brother had twins three months ago. Until they had changed jobs, child care spending of both girls, plus whatever they paid him Rocio went back and forth almost half of their income, so they had no room to think about vacations.

Mabel received the news jumping like a daughter. I had not thought and emotion that he did drop some tears. It's the best idea you've had in your entire life, she said as she kissed him in the eye. Chris Shumway understood the implications. Thanks love, you know what it means to my family and for so long that I do not see! I can also meet the children. Sorry to correct you, Alex said, the best idea I've had in my life was to marry you, kissing on the mouth. It's the least I can do to show you how grateful I am for that. We could have all the vacation time to stay there. Even now, our revenues are better, not think we can make this trip very often, since four passages, but I guess girls will pay less, do not add much money, "said Mabel, that you like the idea.


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