Ana Muoz Alvarez

The grass of a golf course needs, to be in good state, the equivalent to the water that consumes 20,000 people every day. In order to obtain a liter of gasoline, 10 liters are needed water and to produce 900 kilos of paper almost 300,000 liters are necessary. The consumption of the water has multiplied by six in the last one hundred years and the last ones projections reveal that for year 2025 a 20% will be needed more water if the consumption continues growing the same rate. To the increase of agricultural the human consumption and it is necessary to add the contamination of waters like cause of his shortage in the future. The ecological organizations and United Nations consider that during century XX half of moist soils of the world is had lost, or for being dried to fight diseases or for being turned into agricultural urban ground or. Our main renewable fresh water source is had lost. To close the faucet when we washed the teeth, to load or the washing machine and the dishwasher, to occur a shower instead of to bathe are small gestures that all we can make not to waste or del that depends the life. In addition, it is necessary to demand to our governments harder and strict laws with which they contaminate rivers and Lagos.

The citizens we must demand that the international agreements against the contamination of waters are fulfilled. The international governments and organisms must look for global solutions and of cooperation on the hydric resources so that the water one does not become a reason for conflict in the future. Civil analysts and organizations notice that the wars the future no longer will get rid by the territory or the power resources, but by the water, life source. Ana Muoz Alvarez Journalist ccs@ Original author and source of the article.


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