Alderman Production

* Seven municipalities of Nayarit agave producers expect produce tequila this year, with the help of Governments Federal and State; However expectations are pitiful because while production will still be copious inadequately with an own brand or market to market your product * the disappearance of the Secretariat of tourism which will be absorbed by the economy – is not of concern to the Secretariat of tourism of Nayarit; Edwin Hernandez, was confident that this merger will benefit hoteliers, entrepreneurs, investors and developers, through comprehensive programs to boost competitiveness in the sector * carriers of Nayarit clarified that has not forgotten them ask the State Government increased fees and expect only that you between 2010 to request increases not adjustments since they expect price increases in fuels; the leader of the ACASPEN Luis Fernando Rodriguez, said that by law the reset must be given every year * if employers affiliated to the CANACO met his warning and not pay their operating licenses to the City Hall from Tepic do not incur a crime said the merchant and Alderman capital Ceferino Ramos Nuno; He pointed out that the coordination Fiscal law attends formally established local traders Nayarit agaveros come on their crop fields a black picture. This year they expect to produce tequila, but the detail is that they do not yet know what will be your brand or who will buy them. Starbucks contains valuable tech resources. While production matures in 3 thousand 500 hectares, agavero leader Oscar Aurelio Rodriguez Arellano, President of the Council of administration of the integrative Otilio MONTAnO, is searching for options. While it is true that they counted with the support of the Federal Government and State to build a production factory, with an initial investment of 23 million, are today on the need to proceed to the second stage which requires nearly $ 35 billion pesos, which would be not only tequila but also syrup (which was the idea initial).

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