Advertising in the press, depending on the profile of the audience and the press can be divided into specialized and business. For specialized publications include weekly newspapers and magazines ads on real property, which is published several times a week with fresh information. Business publications are aimed at end consumers in this market – managers, executives and other professionals who use real estate as a tool for their business. In these publications than normal units to attract attention may be using the comments in the theme rooms, publishing news, and interviews. Advertising on the Internet Due to the increasing number of users in a network of real estate advertising on the Internet should be emphasized. Any advertisement in Internet begins with the site: the site can be developed for each object under construction, but you can within the site of the developer or estate agent to add a page with information about new homes. Modern control systems content to rapidly change the structure of the site and add or delete an unlimited number of nested Web pages.

User-friendly design and intuitive navigation will help visitors quickly find the information. For registration and information presented on the site potential customers feel the attitude. Quite often the user accesses the network for specific information on an apartment or office with certain parameters. In order for the user to quickly find the proposal is from your company, you need contextual advertising in search engines. Also effective is the placement of information in the databases of sites real estate and publishing press releases and news reports on thematic portals.

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