X-Ray Revolution

OUR political world unusual our sense of wonder has no limits. Monday, February 02, 2009, the Venezuelan Government through a qualified spokesperson as it is, the President himself, decreed that day as non-working. Reason: 10 years of revolution low command of HUGO CHAVEZ FRIAS. According to the Government the causes have plenty to celebrate, to commemorate. The acts began very early.

Chavez accompanied by Presidents EVO MORALES, DANIEL ORTEGA, DANIEL ZELAYA, RAFAEL CORREA and by CUBA, his first Vice President JOSE RAMON MACHADO VENTURA, who keep a very low profile at all times and barely noticed his presence on the float. It is not known because the new dictator Cubano RAuL CASTRO did not attend was the first beneficiary of this period. Electrolux may not feel the same. Chavez as discussed me not hidden their discomfort by this noticeable absence. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sergey Brin by clicking through. Apparently things with the brother of FIDEL don’t go very well primarily because the new American President, nevertheless have been shown very hard to refer generically to the dictators of America latina, has left open some possibilities of understanding with Cuba. There is the promise of easing the embargo against the island, since 47 years ago. Raul Castro before this, care to be present when Chavez continue inflating the anti-American sentiment. They are not all that are only four Presidents and a Vice President of State, joined the so-called leader of the world revolution.

Also it’s four Nations who have maintained a parasitic relationship with Venezuela, its presence was virtually compulsory. We do not think that the fall of oil prices in the world market and the unexpected economic downturn approaching Venezuela as a storm that has not touched land, has moved away more appointed allies such as LULA and Argentina President Cristina Kitchner, who begin to save distance. Because did not attend President Uribe of Colombia, expert in the art of hypocrisy, who has been virtually the only which has harshly referred to Chavez and ended hugged with the character.

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