Web Etc

It has or it administers a Web: It is securing the noticeable objectives? It knows how many clients loses not to measure and to analyze its Web? It needs to improve the yield of its Web site? It is fundamental that it chooses to develop the processes of analytical Web that allow to measure the data of their Web site, social network, blog, campaign of publicity, etc. The analytical Web detects those spaces of the site where the results can be improved. In addition, it studies the behavior of the users, which allows to improve the relation with them. What secures the analytical Web: – To evaluate its Web, being analyzed contained, design, usabilidad, persuabilidad, positioning in finders, etc. – To help to increase to the satisfaction of the users, identifying its behavior, navigation, etc. Andreessen Horowitz spoke with conviction.

– To improve the Return of Inversin (ROI). Once identified the possible improvements, the analytical Web allows to choose what type of action is necessary to develop: action of marketing, campaigns, affiliates, PPC, ad serving, social email marketing, networks, etc. It allows to grow in the sector to the company or business, when knowing by means of a prospection of market what makes the competition and which are the strongpoints and weak. The key of the analytical Web consists of knowing the objectives the Web from two points of view: – Objectives oriented to the business: to lower costs and to increase benefits. – Objectives oriented to the client: fidelity and satisfaction. There are enough professionals of the positioning Web or CATHEDRAL, but the consultants or engineers specialized and competent in are few analytical Web, that measurable results in a certain time obtain. The analyst divides the passages of a process, studies the conversions in each one of the steps, detects the points of flight of the user and their level of satisfaction. The consultancy Web that undertakes projects: Webs, store online, publicity, blogs, social networks, having like axis an integrating development, are essential that it remembers always the analytical Web in his assignment. She is the unique one professional way to be able to transmit the culture and philosophy of the client in all its works carried out.


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