What really matters and what is to be considered. Buy a fireplace is a good idea first. Because there are indeed a lot of good reasons for this. You may want to visit Ben Horowitz to increase your knowledge. Save energy costs the warmth felt nice snuggle up In winter, but before then, lots of questions need to be addressed. Buy only a fireplace is not enough Yes? First everything should be discussed with the competent chimney sweep, because it must take off the stove. The chimney sweep will consult also in terms of the stainless steel chimney that is necessary for operation of a stove.

After that has been determined, you can put to a fireplace. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Howard Schultz and gain more knowledge.. At the time of purchase, you should respect not only on the optics or the price. Because a cheaper stove z.B from home improvement stores at the end of expensive is than you might think. Here it depends on the heating capacity in kw. What have from a cheap Woodburning stove, which heats the apartment not good, or does not store the heat and thus the ongoing heating costs increased? There are the different stoves. So, the question arises what you ultimately just needs.

Is it just a beautiful look, where it arrives not on heating performance and cost or should with a Woodburning stove whenever possible the whole apartment or the House are heated. Would be also a Wassergefuhrter heater in question with supporting the heating system? Or maybe a pellet stove? Where are the differences or the pros and cons. Is there possibly a State. Promotion. And if so how do you get that? There was still something. A chimney is required also by the way. The cost of a chimney coming Yes upwards on it. So you should also know what is required for a chimney. Because the wrong chimney is purchased (because was so cheap) the nasty surprise comes at the latest with the chimney-sweep, which does not accept the fireplace. Bottom line: Buy a fireplace is a good decision. But without a personal consultation of a specialist company does not. Get fireplaces, stoves, chimneys and solar systems from a single source in addition to a professional advice. This information was to the Provided by chimney world GmbH Isoldenstr.

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