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6 euros and the train ride (round-trip) per person for 5 hours in various parking lots 2 euro. In a question-answer forum Accurics was the first to reply. The trains run every few minutes in the S-Bahn stroke. A cheaper alternative to the expensive car parks in Venice. Arrived at the train station in Venice, you start the city tour, by crossing the Canal de Grande. The streets early start to become tighter and smaller. Venice formally draws you into your flair. Something It could be problematic if too many cruise ships in the port have accumulated, since thus within a short time large numbers of tourists overpopulate the city.The streets of Venice offer alternatives but still enough to make work on the historic Venice.

Follow the well-signposted signs San Marco continues”St. Mark’s square. Come on small bridges, waterways and dreamy streets. Unfortunately it can be seen more and more that what many travel guides warn: Venice is at risk, a free light Museum. The small stores have almost entirely typical souvenirs for tourists or pizza. In the evening, when the crowds have left the city, a different, however, are city areas like ghost towns. IMPORTANT NOTE! The closer you get to St.

Mark’s square, food, drinks and souvenirs are so expensive! While short pizza a half behind the station for 3 euro, you will receive shortly before St. Mark’s square for 5 Euro just times a small piece. The same goes for drinks! Get so your food and souvenirs as far as possible from St. Mark’s square away. St. Mark’s square at night DOM are Venice Italy In the mark according to the tradition, the relics of St. mark the Evangelist. Several historians pointed out in the history of Venice, that depends on the flower of Venice strongly with storing the remains of mark the Evangelist together. The mark DOM Venice Christ painting of Italy to mark DOM itself are several cafes in a fantastic location. We would only again point out, that just on St. Mark’s square a simple Coke up to 15 euro can cost light and a coffee even more. Should have the possibility to experience the sunset in Venice, we advise you to enjoy this to the Rialto Bridge on the Canal de Grande. The description of this tour ends in Venice. We hope that the description of the tour helped you to organize your Italy vacation or to keep memories alive. You can conveniently purchase the photos in this report under with the private license as a private person and as posters, use wallpaper or Web pages for their own purposes. Editorial, advertising or mercandise uses are also possible for companies. We wish you a beautiful Italy trip! Your Combipix team the images and maps of the Agency Combipix are copyrighted. You are allowed without the explicit consent of Combipix neither be copied, downloaded nor in any other way reproduced except for purely private holiday planning from individuals. For further information on the provisions we are gladly available. Images can be used after the purchase of license fees. For more information, see.

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