Honestly all platforms or social networks, Twitter (which is Twitter?) is that least fits my personality, or rather the style in which handling things. I go more by (quiet already returning videos to MOTV) Youtube or Facebook. Kevin Johnson is often quoted on this topic. However Twitter has its charm and today, with its more than 100 million users, is without doubt one of the platforms hottest of these famous social networks. And is having the opportunity to tell you about life, work, everyday situations, promote products, irrigate gossip, offer employment and well whatever, is a factor that definitely makes Twitter a social network friend. 140 characters of space to open yourself to all your followers in a single text message. In fact, Twitter was optimized based on the technology of cell text and send a Tweet is virtually send a text message simultaneously (to your followers only). But many open accounts and not passes nothing and continue to do thousands of things and nothing happens and wonder: because I do not follow on Twitter? You must follow the rules of Twitter! Networks social are that ladies and gentlemen: social networks! And as such have to be treated, in the largest sense of the word, so for those who see Twitter as a chance more to spam (all hate spam) is time to reassess their strategies and understand that so you follow you must meet certain standards of Twitter or as you call them: your background or profile picture: it must be customized and showing the face human of what you want to offer (whether a product(, service or even to yourself). When I refer to human I speak of being clear and communicative, with relevant information for those with whom you want to conectartes or rather those who want to follow you. Your profile message: 160 characters you should use wisely to say quickly that it is what you do, that they should expect it to follow you, and a brief reason to always return.


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