Buy this stock to continue the trend of my symbolic consumption. Therefore, depending on how I am, or what they want to be with the purchase, I will choose the Caldo de La Abuela (traditional person and I hope I am as usual: the soup of my beloved grandmother) or Natural Soup (made with products biological), or broth before, or the stock of a mark blancae . Each of them fits your way of being. The companies and their brands should therefore decide which group they want to go, what part of a pastela want for their product and thus obtain satisfy these consumer needs appropriately and effectively. Keith McLoughlin pursues this goal as well. Any company before launching your product or service to market, you must choose. Official site: Howard Schultz. Segment. What do I sell? Who? How? Because if not segmented, failure is virtually assured. The percentage of products on the market every year and do not spend their first year of life, is extremely high.

Hence the difficulty and the need for good customer segmentation objectives. Moreover, in light of the experience you bring along that mark, I as a consumer, I am willing to pay a price or other: eg if I buy coffee beans to coffee grower, I am willing to pay 2-3 cents, if I buy package of coffee, I would be willing to pay between 5 to 25 euro cents, if I take the coffee at my neighborhood, I'll be willing to pay a, or so, but if I take it that coffee at Starbucks, with any additional psychological burden that I sold the brand, I'll be willing to pay 2-6 a, . It is therefore unclear how a commodity such as coffee, may soon become an experience for the consumer experience by which it is willing to pay a premium for all that is implicit in symbolic consumption. Another example is the coffee to sugar. A packet of sugar may cost 0.6-1a, at the supermarket. But if we sell the crystallized sugar and mixed with saffron or some other special ingredient that you do, so pack them in a very eye-catching bags with only 6-8 units and distribute them through stores delicatessen, we may request up to 8 , for the product, because we provide an added value eg for gourmets will love. A final example that I want to tell is to a company engaged in the manufacture of steel legs for tables.

Marketing a commodity, without much added value and with increasing competition, have gone to market a product very special football. Made of the same material that made the table legs but with a very innovative design, completely customized with the team who are requested or the corporate colors of a company, if that is the case, now being marketed in the main designer furniture stores, not just from Spain but from the world. Therefore, taking into account that the consumer is the king, who has more information and we will always be associated with a trend of consumption and behavior, tribe, a I, as a company, I need to segment the different types of potential consumers and directing efforts to those in which they actually have a competitive advantage. Just see how a product such as coffee, sugar, or steel, providing a range of added value, you can become a commodity product or brand desired by a consumer segment. The task is not easy, but many already are getting.


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