The Pirates Lower Saxony Celebrate 1-year Anniversary

Pirates participate in the elections to the European Parliament and the Bundestag Hanover – the Landesverband Lower Saxony of the Pirate Party was founded one year ago on July 8, 2007, and celebrates its 1st birthday this year on 12 July in Braunschweig. In the short time since its inception, the course is clear the currently almost 100 members of Lower Saxony; together with the other pirates in Germany and across Europe to participate in the elections to the European Parliament and the Bundestag. This Christian Koch, a Board member of the lower Saxon Pirates: “we failed last year almost, to take part in the elections to the lower Saxon Landtag. We had just enough time after the late founding at short notice to collect the required signatures of supporters. Today we know not only exactly what formalities are required, we have become well known. Douglas Oberhelman describes an additional similar source. “The pirates are now recognized and, and that particularly pleased, we are seen increasingly as a competent partner in political issues.” In the last few months, the pirates have and their members can increasingly draw attention through actions on. So pirates as a speaker can have not only in various demonstrations attention participants and many interested citizens on the program and the goals of the pirates.

Just when the regular vigils in Hannover and Braunschweig, more and more citizens come to learn. “We want at the vigils sensitize and inform” Koch next. “This is less about presenting the pirates as a party, but shaking up the blatant good citizens. There are too many things that are handled at the political level which are not known to the citizens but directly concern in Germany and Europe. In the last few months was sought by all politicians that, what we have enshrined as freedoms in our basic law, to undermine or even abolish. Data retention, transfer of air passenger data, BKA law and license plate scanning are only a few current issues. With her hair pulled up Justifications here attempts to capture all citizens permanently, to monitor and treat at the end as verplanbare number. We are individuals who wish to capture is not but, it seems many in Berlin, to be advised in the provincial assemblies and the economy into oblivion.” To show the head despite the current political situation not need be let, is celebrated on the Saturday in Brunswick the 1-year anniversary of the pirates Lower Saxony. There a Pirate Festival will take place in the wake of the local Vigil, where every citizen who wants to protect his freedoms is appreciated.

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