The Perpetual

What it really matters, however, is to fix perpetual goals that they demand of us to win challenges spirituals, since our real fight is not against meat and blood, but against celestial powers (Ef 6:12). The field of our challenges spirituals is delimited by four main elements: The world (I Jo 5:4); The sin (Rm 6:14) the devil (Tg 4:7); I (TM 16:24). Many people think not to be fit in the warning of Pablo on the weak sick people and that them they sleep (I Color 11:30), and that they are in excellent condition, taking care of to the perpetual goals to grow (Pv 4:18), to have the sufficient for its life (Pv 30:8) and to be exempt of ‘ ‘ aborrecimentos’ ‘ , a time that to walk with God does not add pains (Pv 10:22). XOMs opinions are not widely known. She is necessary, however, care with ‘ ‘ lethargy espiritual’ ‘ that it affirms: ‘ ‘ After all, I am in the blessing, what I want more? ‘ ‘ Two questions could be made in this substance: Which is the will of God? Reply: To how they know It all and they are safe! (I Tm 2:4)? Which is the will of God for its life? Reply: That you win the challenges in such way that the multitude of witnesses surround who it sees its victory and believes in its God, as happened with Elias. (witnesses: Hb 12:1; they see the good workmanships: TM 5:16; Elias and Baal: I Kings 18:22 – 46). In the truth, situations do not exist ‘ ‘ mornas’ ‘ (AP 3:14 – 22) ahead of God, or if it wins the challenge, and this blesses in them and makes to grow in God, or leaves the side challenges and we risk in them to enter in the dangerous way of ‘ ‘ magnificent of vida’ ‘ (I Jo 2:16), therefore ‘ ‘ our rest is not aqui’ ‘ (Miq 2:10)..


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