The Law

This will only be possible for intermediary of an efficient management of the RH. Through abilities, assuming the comprometimento with the development of the people in the companies. To have an ample vision of the organization, vision that it adds the importance I negotiate of it. In this way, to manage people in the companies requires cares as; planning, organization, coordination and control of techniques capable to favor the performance progress high submitting, human, material and financial the administrative remedies. The course of administration of human resources has an objective to prepare professionals to act in the area of RH, that have a potential to exert functions of human resources, a formation with the focus directed to the development, ability and that it has capacity to generate resulted efficient for the organization where acts. The general objective of this work is to present, the RH manager, as an important tool for the companies. Also presenting the which really contribution of this professional and its diverse situations.

From 1930, the companies had had that to organize themselves to fulfill the labor law, that established the rights and the organizations of the workers and employers. From then on she was created ministry of the work, the unions had been regularized, had organized the justinian codes of social welfare, giving origin to the law that later would be congregated in the consolidation of the laws of the known work more as CLT. It started to exist in the company then, the personal section, directed for the personal head, it knew with details the laws of the work. Its activities if summarized in taking care of of the papers, or then of people, did not have concern with the growth, the integration and well-being of the employees. But late, following the development of the economy and the studies on the relations human beings in the work, the head was promoted the administrator of staff, or human resources.


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