The Book Shop

The Book Shop, new partner Iberia Plus – The Book Shop offers spirits very exclusive and managed by TodoVino. -Iberia Plus loyalty program has more than 4.4 million holders, three million in the online version. Madrid, January 5, 2011 Iberia has joined to The Book Shop your Iberia Plus loyalty program, which rewards customers more traveling with flights and exclusive advantages. Thanks to an agreement between these two entities, Iberia Plus cardholders can earn more points when you buy The Book Shop, which offers the most recognized in the world spirits online store. Source: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. The Book Shop allows you to take a tour of the best whiskies of malt, rum, or Gin. In addition, unique gifts for the purchase of product can be obtained at The Book Shop. The online sale of The book Society platform includes unique benefits such as personalized advice from experts, preferential access to exclusive events and shipments of the product testing. For his part, Todovino, specialized in the sale at distance of wine and with the aim of promoting the best national labels both inside and outside Spain, is responsible for managing online experience offered by The book Society.

Iberia Plus has more than 4.4 million customers and about 100 member companies, including airlines, major chains hotel and car rental worldwide, financial institutions, entertainment and leisure companies, and many more. Online version, it has three million customers. You only need to show your Iberia Plus card in Iberia and any of their associated companies to the program to accumulate points, which may lead to the holders of the program to more than 200 destinations in the oneworld alliance that owns Iberia. can find detailed information about the Iberia Plus programme and the latest news in the. In addition, customers have a personal space where each owner can know the status of your account, book flights with points redeemed, and access to all the offers of the companies associated with the programme. More information: Sub-Directorate of Iberia press C / Velazquez 130 28006 Madrid (+ 34) 91 587 7205 source: press release sent by lianne.


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