Terrible Crisis

Affairs of the company may go fine, but it also happens that does not go at all. Black and white stripes. As in the joke: life as a zebra – black stripe, white stripe, black stripe, white stripe, well then, you know that. So, black band for the company – it's a crisis. In various dictionaries of a huge number of definitions of the word "crisis".

But to put it most simply, the crisis (from the Greek. Krisis – a solution) – is a series of events that result in an enterprise is in an unstable position of peril, which requires an adequate solution. It is important to note that the crisis of any system is completed or its fundamental change or collapse. If you look at the locality, it financial crisis, a crisis of competitiveness, the crisis with the staff and so on. And the last is the most common. Too many are facing a crisis especially in the area of personnel.

Say what you like, but it all depends on people who work in organizations: how they do their job, how to cope with job responsibilities. There may be some problems. The first – not to find qualified staff. For some organizations, the lack of qualified staff – the primary and protracted problem. Queries can be very high, and wages small. But this subjective factor. On a small salary (with no view of the managerial position) you can hire a young but capable staff. From it a lot easier "blind" that really need the company.


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